Who I’m

CALABRIA MAGAZINE RIVISTA DIGITALE_Pagina_01INNEDE, is a company, with a symbolic name that means International Network Design, the idea was born in Paris in 1979 as MICHELLE Daveys.

In 1985 I opened a drawing to TURIN as HIGH SOCIETY.

I started the production of web sites in various languages in 1990 I opened a newsroom in Stockholm as MEDITERRANEAN BOOK KONSULT the early 2000s.






In 2003 I start an editorial in Turin as INNEDE, In 2005 I started he first draft as DANNE COSMOPOLITAN

In 2012 I opened the current place in Lucca as INNEDE literary agency I produce e-books, print books and do consulting for emerging authors and I manage the basic dates of other publishing houses abroad.

The editorial multimedia to your ideas of service. A new way of thinking comes only by change. Each path is different from the others and many are particularly challenging.





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